Greetings, and welcome to our glamping website! Perhaps you are wondering what exactly is glamping? Well it is “glamour” and “camping” merged together to create the word: glamping. :)  We will admit, we are rather bare-bones glampers, I think the fanciest thing we own is the rug in front of the Airstream and the zero-gravity chairs! Ok, ok… we will admit that we enjoy making mouth watering breakfasts, sleeping on a pillow-top mattress, and having fresh flowers on the kitchen table. ? A bit about the site, please keep an eye out for links throughout the posts. The words that are links will be colored blue. Most of the time the links will send you to google maps, so you can see the area that we are talking about; allaboutbirds, so you can learn about the birds that we encounter; and possible town or area sites, so you can see what else there is to do while you are out glamping! I also use to create topo maps of the trails that we plan on hiking. If the trail name is bold, and blue, click on it and a .pdf of the trail will appear.

A little bit about ourselves…

We live on the Colorado Front Range, and escape to the mountains in our little Airstream as much as possible. Natasha is a web developer and photographer, and a contributor to Getty images and Tandem Images. Sara is a Team Lead in the studio at the Integer Group, and has been bringing artwork to life for the past 25 years. Our six year old pup, Daisy, accompanies us on all of our trips. She is the best doggie companion we could ever ask for. Enjoy the site, and please share with your friends.

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