This is our second visit to Baby Doe Campground. Please click here to also read our last post from 2014. We really enjoy the large campsites at Baby Doe, more so than the others in the area. Turquoise lake is so beautiful, and there are a lot of opportunities to have adventures in the surrounding areas. This year we stayed close to the Lake, and explored a few of the roads that where closed, due to snow, in 2014.

I tried my hand at fishing with some flies that I tied over the winter. I caught two fish each night, one of them being a lake trout, which was my first. We love walking around the lake as the sun sets. The views are so beautiful.

We were able to explore the other end of Turquoise Lake at May Queen Campground. This is where Lake Fork Creek feeds into Turquoise Lake. The inlet is beautiful, and while we were visiting people were catching their trout limit very fast! I’d love to spend a day exploring the winding Lake Fork Creek before it enters the reservoir. Here is some interesting info regarding Turquoise Lake.

Hagerman Pass Road was on our to do list. We made it up to the Colorado Midland Centennial Trail. This is a great trail if you are not use to hiking up a mountain, or if you have young children. I’m sure we could have driven further on Hagerman Pass, but our adventures continued on foot!

We had a small problem with our hot water heater. A spider decided to take up residence in the burner tube and, while trying to figure out what was wrong, Natasha nearly had her eyebrows singed by a back flow of propane! We took the heater apart, figured out where the blockage was occurring, and cleared/cleaned it all up. I’m glad we had AT&T at the campground so we could troubleshoot.

When: Early Summer, 2016
Elevation: 9,800′
Reservation: Baby Doe Campground, CO
Misc: level, water, dump station





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