It’s that time of the year when we begin to search for new places to go glamping. We wanted to share the steps that we take to insure that we are going into an area that we think we can get the Airstream into (we can’t take it on bumpy/rocky roads), there are plenty of hiking adventures, and of course the area should have some trout nearby.

I’ve listed some of the steps that we take when we are looking for a great campground to stay at.

First we find an area that we would like to have an adventure in by browsing around google maps while searching the term “camping”. Using the word “camping” filters out lodging options that we are not interested in.


Once we find a site that we are interested in, we head over to and check out the area and other campgrounds.

I like to zoom into google map and see what the terrain and the campsites look like. The map below doesn’t show the campsites very well because of all the trees. Also, google maps doesn’t always show an updated image of the area. Because of the pine beetle deforestation, the forest show may not even exist today! But, I happen to know that this campsite is full of pine trees.

We usually look at to see if there are any photos of the individual sites, too.

We choose the site that looks like it would be the best for us. We prefer sites away from bathrooms, away from roads, along the outside of the campground, and perhaps near water.

Finally we hold our breath, and book the site!

After we book the site, and a week before the trip, we head over to and research the trails in the area. I print out trail maps that look good to us, and bring them along. If you sign up for AllTrails Pro you can (per the website) “create your own custom maps and routes, plus print or send any map to your phone for use when you’re out of data range”. This is a great feature that we take advantage of each trip.

Now that we’ve done all of our research, we can sit back and enjoy our Glamping Adventure! Here is a link to the trip that we took to Colorado Campground last year.

Wonderful mature Ponderosa Pines, Colorado CG.

Wonderful mature Ponderosa Pines, Colorado CG.

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