When glamping in Colorado you quickly realize that starting a camp fire is one of the easiest tasks to do. The dry, resin filled branches,  pinecones and needles make the best fire starters around. Sometimes, though, the surrounding flora may be too wet to help with the fire. Thanks to my friend, Anita, I now have something to help out with that.

Pinecones dipped in wax!

This is a great idea, and easy to make. We even scented the wax with citronella essential oils– to help fend off those pesky bugs. Here is how we made the fire starters.

First you need to gather up old candles. If you do not have candles, try looking at the local thrift store. You will also need a medium sized, old, sauce pan to melt the candles in. Set up a double-boiler system, with water in the bottom pot, and your candles in the top pot. There is no need to boil the water, just let it get hot.


Once your wax is melted add some essential oil for a nice fresh scent. Use metal tongs to place 3-4 pinecones in the pot of wax. I rolled them around in the pot, used a tong to pick them up and give a gentle shake, then placed each cone on a piece of cardboard to dry.

IMG_5234 IMG_5235

Once I finished dipping all of the cones, I let a few hours go by, reheated the wax, and did another quick dip. This way the pinecones were thick with wax, and I had no leftovers.


Because the pinecones smell so good, we leave them out in the Airstream for both decoration and for the nice fresh scent.

IMG_5225 IMG_5226

Happy glamping everyone!


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