Collegiate Peaks Campground is just before Cottonwood Pass.

Campsite, Collegiate Peaks Campground.

Campsite, Collegiate Peaks Campground.

On the West side of Cottonwood Pass is the small town of Tin Cup, the Taylor Reservoir, and Boothill Cemetery (a cool little cemetery worth exploring). We had a nice lunch at Frenchy’s.

We also came across a cow and calf moose near Tin Cup.

We drove through the tailwater area at the bottom of the Taylor Reservoir. It was full of the typical fly fishing guys elbowing each other for space. We stuck to the small streams and caught our first brooke trout. They are such a beautiful fish!

We did a lot of exploring and hiking around dirt roads, in the middle of nowhere. While venturing out into a beaver pond Sara stepped in what looked to be a small stream but ended up thigh-high in muck, loosing her sandal in the process. Luckily Natasha has long arms and fished it out!


More Information:


When: Summer, 2011
Elevation: 9,800′
Reservation: Collegiate Peaks Campground, Cottonwood Pass, CO
Misc: no electric, during this visit the water at campsite was red—but people still drank it!





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