We were able to get away for a quick outing to nearby Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The aspens had lost all there leaves, and the crowds where gone. We were surprised that most of the campground, and the dump station, where still open. The weather was warm and gorgeous—we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

We parked at Aspen Meadows Campground’s entrance and hiked the Snowshoe Hare Trail (click to see a .pdf of the trail map) loop that passed by Dude’s Fishing Hole. Daisy was able to swim and get some of her energy out! The trail was only three miles, but it was steep and rocky. We were worn out afterward. The trail is flat at the very top, and there are a lot of rock outcrops to climb on. A lot of the views were obscured by trees, but we could tell we where higher than most of the hills around us—which was pretty cool.

We enjoyed the sunset at Panorama Point, but it was not as dramatic as last years sunset. The sun in the fall sky is setting in a different location. Check out last years sunset picture—this is my favorite Panorama Point sunset picture!

We headed to our favorite meadow hike, Mule Deer Trail. We began at the Ole Barn Knoll and took Blue Grouse Trail which drops us off at Kriley Pond where we had lunching over looking the area. On the way back we found some bones (deer?) and told Daisy to “Find antler”. She searched the surround area and found more bones, but no antlers. One of these days…

Later in the day we went exploring Reverend Ridge and found some nice tent camping spots with amazing views Sites 80-91, against the open space, are really great. We also checked out the yurts and cabins. They look so nice. I think they would be perfect for a group over a holiday. We had always thought Thanksgiving or Christmas 🙂

We had so much fun that we wanted to stay ONE more night, knowing that I had to be at work by 9 a.m. The drive down the canyon, while the sun was rising, was amazing! And, I made to work with one minute to spare 🙂