Funny thing about Golden Gate, all the campsites seem to be booked, but it is seldom full. Loop A is a quieter loop, but there is no bathroom. A note about Golden Gate Canyon State Park, the rangers take their jobs very seriously. Do not enter without a state park pass, or you will get ticketed. And do not tie your dogs to the trees—we had a visit regarding that!

Campsite 1, GGCSP.

Campsite 1, GGCSP.

During this trip to GGCSP we ventured to the 4-wheel drive road up to Rollins Pass. We only made it a few miles before we decided we are getting to old for boulder roads with sheer drop-offs. We turned around and parked at the Moffat Tunnel parking lot, where the train tunnel begins, and began to hike up the trail. It was a wonderful adventure on a trail that is like a runoff creek for the spring thaw. I’ve not hike on anything like it before. Crater Lakes was our final destination.

Our final hike was our favorite Mule Deer Trail—a meandering meadow hike.


More Information:


When: Fall, 2014
Elevation: 9,137′
Reservation: Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Misc: level, water, dump station




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