This is our second trip to Gore Creek. You can read about the first trip here.

We hiked two new trails: 

Lost Lake Trail, off of County Rd. 700, on the way to Piney Lake. It was a very easy hike, The trail goes through an area that has been devastated by the pine beetle, and all of the trees have been removed, there is no shade. There wasn’t even a creek for Daisy to cool off in. 🙁  Due to the heat, and the amount of water we were drinking, we decided to turn around and head back to the dog park in West Vail.

Booth Falls, which is listed as an easy hike on AllTrails, was a hard hike for us. We hiked 4 miles in 4.5 hours, with 2 miles in gaining 1500’ of elevation. Of course we did stop a lot to take pics, explore little trails that opened up to vistas, and let Daisy play in the smaller streams. The waterfall was beautiful, but I expected to be able to play in the water and enjoy our accomplishment. That was not the case. The falls are down a steep embankment—Daisy was able to make it to the water, but barely made it back up! After arriving back at camp, we were sore and tired. All three of us could barely walk— that includes Daisy! It was a bit to much of an Adventure, but we did accomplish the challenge that we set out for.

When: Summer, 2015
Altitude: 8,700 ft
Reservation: Gore Creek Campground
Site: Level-ish, no water, non-electric, no dump station





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