We¬†arrived noon on a Friday, Easter weekend, and were surprised that the campground was not full due to the long weekend and Front Range location. By Saturday evening our campsite was 75% full, but thankfully no one camped in the way of our sunset view. This is one of our winter/early spring get away locations. Our pup, Daisy, dislikes the campground tremendously due to the millions of goat head thorns that are everywhere. You can not go barefoot at this campsite. ūüôĀ

Campsite at Lake Pueblo, SP, Pueblo, CO

Campsite at Lake Pueblo, SP, Pueblo, CO

Our timing was good to view some newly arrived spring birds. Our list of first time seen birds includes a Canyon Towhee, Curved Bill Thrasher, and a Loggerhead Shrike. Other birds that stood out were Mocking Birds (New siting, for me, in Colorado. I was excited until it woke me up at midnight and sang for three hours!), Pelicans, Ospreys, Grouse (not sure which type).

The sun is so bright and hot here, we couldn’t imagine visiting in the summer. Also note the campground has FLEES!

The sunsets from our campsite in Arkansas Point Campground were beautiful!

Natasha enjoyed some hiking with Daisy along the S. Shore Trail. I did my best to catch something in the lake, but I think the fish were still to deep.

We were told that fly¬†fishing below the damn was supposed to be good, so we tried but didn’t have any luck. Seems to be a¬†reoccurring¬†theme this winter. There are many parks to enjoy at the base of the damn, most of them are a quick walking distance from the parking lots. It looked to be a favorite bicycling area, too. While sitting, and enjoy some shade, we watched an Osprey bring a large trout to a nest. Very cool.

Parks below the damn.

Parks below the damn.


More Information:


When: Spring 2013
Elevation: 4,846′
Reservation: Lake Pueblo State Park
Misc: level, dump station, water





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