It has been awhile since we’ve taken the Airstream out for an adventure. But, the snow and storms stayed up north, so we headed south to Mueller State Park.

There where very few people camping over Presidents Day Weekend, so we were able to grab a nice sunny spot. After setting up camp we walked to the main road and followed it until we reached the end of the campground— which is as far as we are allowed to take Daisy (dogs are not allowed on the trails in Mueller S.P). The roads are clear up to the comfort station, afterward it’s snowshoeing or walking in the snow.

Our campsite was across from a sledding hill, so we were able to watch kids playing, and catching some air, throughout the day. Next time I’ll have to bring our sled!

Our Airstream was looking directly at Pikes Peak, which makes for a gorgeous view of the sunrise and sunsets.

We choose Horsethief Trail Head to begin our hike (outside of the park). The trail was steep to begin, but had a gentler slop after the first half mile. We enjoyed walking along the snow pack with our crampons. We were aiming for Horesthief Falls, but the snow was getting to much for Daisy’s paws, so we turned around and found a meadow to enjoy before making our way back down the mountain. 

After taking a rest the sun came out for a bit. We took advantage did some maintenance to Daisy’s paws— a trim and some Mushers Secret

The only wildlife around us where Black-capped Chickadees, White-breasted Nuthatches, and Dark-eyed Juncos. Occasionally a Clark’s Nutcracker, Magpie, and Crow was seen.

When: Spring 2016
Altitude: 9,600′
Reservation: Mueller State Park, CO
Misc: level, dump station, water





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