This is our second visit to Mueller State Park, during this trip we stayed in the Grouse Mountain loop. The first couple of days all the sites where taken by campers. By Sunday morning the entire campground was nearly empty.

At the end of the campground is Grouse Mountain Overlook. It is a quick hike, with beautiful scenery. Once again, remember, this is not a park that you can hike with your dogs. Daisy was limited to roads and 100 yards from any paved area. Which is just enough for her to practice hunting for her antler and fetching sticks 🙂

We hiked to the Lone Eagle Overlook (#7/#10). If you stop at trail junction #10/#25, and listen carefully, you might hear a chorus of frogs from Geer Pond which lays below the trails. On the way back to the trail head, we stopped at the other over looks (trail #9 and #8). Our favorite was Red Tail Overlook (#9). The large rocks are so beautiful.

Daisy was one-on-one with her first deer while at the campsite. She did very well, and just watched them as they passed by. We wish we would have been able to snap a picture of the moment. She is such a sweet dog. I was sick most of the trip, so we didn’t get to take Daisy on her usual out of the park hikes. Luckily Natasha found a nearby creek, out side of the park, for her to play in and hike around.

Out of the ordinary birds that we saw during this trip: Lewis’s Woodpecker (a first for me!), Yellow-rumped Warbler, and we watched a Turkey Vulture soaring below us as we stood on one of the overlooks.

All along the trails there were tiny plants flowering—most no more than an inch high. The aspens were in the caterpillar stage, no buds just yet. The tiny Hedgehog Cactus were in bloom, too.

Incase you need to run to a store, while at Mueller SP, try Divide Venture Foods, which is in the heart of Divide. They cary a wide variety of groceries.



More Information:


When: Spring 2014
Elevation: 9,600′
Reservation: Mueller State Park, CO
Misc: level, dump station, water




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