Redstone was an amazing trip for us. Nearly every moment was spent on the Crystal River—and we couldn’t have been happier! The campsite is divided into two: electric and non-electric. We chose the non-electric sites, since we have solar now. The electric sites were more open, with less privacy. The non-electric sites seemed to be tucked away in the trees and bushes. The week we were here we were able to lay outside and enjoy the Perseid meteor shower. My parents would always enjoy the meteor shower with us when we were kids 🙂

The town of Redstone is within walking distance of the campground. Redstone General Store makes a decent latte if you are in need. 🙂   The town of Redstone is picture perfect and very small. It sits along the Crystal River, which is a short walk from the campsite. I had over 500 images to choose from—a difficult task indeed!

During the late 1800’s coke ovens were built, and still exists. Coke is a fuel with few impurities and a high carbon content, usually made from coal.

We tried to go to the famous Crystal Mill, in Marble CO, but the road was to treacherous for us. Perhaps next time we will do one of the tour Jeep rides to the location.

Lots of marble all around Marble, CO.

Lots of marble all around Marble, CO.

After you cross the bridge that leads into the campground, on your left is a Wildlife Conservation Area. The river is amazing for fly fishing! Be aware, dogs are not allowed on the river in this section.

As you can tell we spent most of our time fly fishing on the Crystal River. The river was perfect during August—no out of control runoff, and nice depth. The week before, there was a flash flood that trap half of the visitors in the electric side of the campsite. So aware of flash flooding in the area! Here is a picture from someone else’s blog (I hope I’m aloud to post this):


More Information:


When: Summer 2013
Elevation: 7,156′
Reservation: Redstone Campground, CO
Misc: level, water, electric





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