Our trip to Ridgway State Park was a one night stay on our way home from Telluride. We enjoyed our short stay so much, and took advantage of every minute we spent at the park. We set up camp in the Elk Ridge Campground, near a trail that takes you to the look out and walks near the edge of the cliffs (Not a good place to let the young kids run around). Some of the sites had raised tent pads, and others had no pads at all. Make sure to check for a tent pad if you, or a friend, will be pitching a tent.

Ridgway State park seems to be a good starting point for a lot of adventures. It sits between Telluride and Ouray, two of our favorite places to visit. Also, there is a great coffee house in Ridgway, Cimarron Coffee & Books, the lattes are wonderful and the pastries are delicious.

The Uncompahgre Riverway Trail is a bike/walking trail that takes you to the town of Ridgway, past the state park, and onward to Montrose. There are also 14 miles of  trails all around the campground and the reservoir.

There are two camping areas— we stayed in Dutch Charlie, Elk Ridge Campground. At this campground you’ll find a swim beach, volley ball area, marina (no rentals at the park), visitors center with a teepee, dumpsite, water to fill your tanks (allowed in the loops), and a day use area. The second campground is Pa-Co-Chu-Puk— here you can find two fishing ponds (great for the kids), access to the Uncompahgre River (fly fishing!), volley ball area, day use area. There is also a day use area called Dallas Creek.

Our night camera did not catch any animals walking around the campground, but we did come across bunnies, big deer, and a Great Horned Owl that flew over our site at night!

When: Summer, 2015
Altitude: 6,870 ft
Reservation: Ridgway State Park
Site: Level, water, electric, dump station





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