We choose this campground because of it’s location is near the Dream Stream. We intended on catching 20″ rainbows and some browns. That didn’t happen! But, we did catch some trout just behind our siteโ€”a small stream, just the way we like it ๐Ÿ™‚

We hiked into the Lost Creek Wilderness the rock formations are beautiful there, and well worth exploring. We also drove through the Hayman fire area. The devastation is vast, and the area that burned has a beauty of it’s one. After 12 years many of the trees are still standing. The wildflowers have taken over, and I’m sure there is a thriving wildlife hiding in all the beautiful rocks and cliffs that are now easy to see since the fire past through.

While we were in the area, some of the roads were closed off due to a new fire that started, the Waldo Canyon fire. It was a bit scary as I left for an early morning fishing trip by myself and was not sure I was going to be able to make it back to the campsite to be with my family. We were forced to leave a via the South, due to Woodland Park being closed.

As far as campsites go, this is is a great spot for tent campers! Sites 5โ€“10 are awesome, surround by huge rocks and they sit along the Tarryal River. Camper sites were small, hot, crowded, noisy, and dusty. We will probably not return unless there is cooler weather. Cheyenne nearly passed out on the trail when we went hiking ๐Ÿ™  Also, there are a lot of rodents around the sites. Daisy picked up a bacterial infection while we where there.


More Information:


When: Summer, 2012
Reservation: Spruce Grove Campground, CO
Misc: extremely dusty, no electric, hot, next to Tarryall Creek





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