This is our second visit to Steamboat SP, and once again we had a wonderful trip. Rabbit Ears Pass was closed due to a very bad accident on the way to the lake. Lucky for us we met a very nice cowboy that help me back the Airstream down the road and find a spot that I could back into and turn around. We were able to take 134/131 into Steamboat, allowing us to see different towns, and the location of Stage Coach State Park—a park we have been curious about visiting.

The Sandhill Cranes were out all day long. I was even woken by their early morning calls! Daisy and I would venture out to listen to them in the fog, next to the lake in the early mornings. It was spooky hearing their calls and not being able to spot them through the dense early fog.

This year we did more hiking and wandering around the old county roads. We found a nice hiking trail called Gold Creek Trail, up Seed House Road. We also heard that there is good fly fishing up Seed House Road.

Forest Road 129 loops near 503, 504, 550 and then back to Columbine were so beautiful to drive. The aspens were the tallest I’ve ever encountered! Once again, we were amused by all the free range cows. There are a lot of large, secluded camp sites back on the roads. If we were tent camping I would be camping back in this area for sure!



More Information:


When: Fall, 2013
Elevation: 8,100 ft
Reservation: Steamboat Lake State Park, CO
Misc: level, water, dump station





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