First time camping around the Lake Granby area. Daisy flowers were in bloom all around the campground!

Nearly all the sites, at Stillwater, have a lovely view of the lake. The area is very open, and there are no trees to help break the wind. During this trip it stormed nearly every day. Remember to play hard early in the day, before the afternoon rain showers.

I did not have much luck fishing on the lake. We found some fishing on Willow Creek, off of highway 125. There was a blow down in the area, so it was a bit much for me to scramble to the creek. I’m sure those with more leg strength and height would be able to fight their way through the down pines.

We found a nice trail to hike on, with no one else around. Stop by the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce (visitors center) center and pick up some info on hiking. They even had handouts full of good trails for dogs. There are so many hiking opportunities in the area, check out for some ideas!

Downtown Grand Lake is a fun place to hang out. We found a great coffee house, The Hub, with wonderful lattes (my weakness). The Hub has a large patio out front—perfect place to sip a latte. I found my favorite place to relax was the docks, on Lake Avenue. I love feeling the docks sway with the waves. Being surrounded by the Rockies makes it one of the most relaxing places during this trip.

One of the entrances to Rocky Mountain Park is through Granby. Unfortunate we did not get to hike in the park, since we had our pup. But, during a rainy day, we drove up to the Alpine Visitors Center. We did see a moose, along a creek, leading into the park.  🙂


More Information:


When: Late Spring, 2013
Altitude: 8,300 ft
Resersvation: Stillwater Campground
Site: Level, water, electric, dump station




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