This is our second trip to Sugarloaf Campground. Please click here to read our original post.

The Sugarloaf CG is located in a perfect spot— surrounded by lakes that you can walk to and large mountains in the distance. The evening sunsets are gorgeous over the mountains. It is best to bring your own water in, this year the water was turned off on the upper part of the campground, and the one water supply is a hand pump water spigot.

On Thursday we went up to the Medicine Peak Trail – Lake Marie Overlook, leaving from Lake Marie trailhead, located at the parking lot on the southwest corner of Lake Marie, which falls below the impressive granite faces of the Medicine Bow Range. Take the trail to your right. It is a steep climb, but the rewarding views are amazing! We could see lakes Marie, Mirror, and Lookout from above. The wildflowers were fantastic, skies blue and the weather, perfect. On the way back, we crossed the road to check the small Marie Falls. A short walk by the creek, that runs into a canyon surrounded by screes.

This is my favorite picture of Daisy at Lake Marie 🙂

The fish were biting like crazy during our trip. I caught well over 40 nice sized trout (14”-18”) between Lake Marie and Lilly Lake. The types ranged from Cutthroat, Cuttbow, Rainbow, Splake, and Brook Trout. Cuttbows and Splike were new to me. I took pictures of nearly every fish, but I will not bore your with that 🙂  However, I would like to share some pictures of the Splake, Cutthroats, and large (for me!) Brook Trout. 

We hiked up to Lost Lake. The trail is great, right on the edge of tree line. There are many lakes along the way to explore, too. We even came across a high lake that looked to be drying out, so we ventured over to see what we could find. We were so surprised to find small Fairy Shrimp swimming in all of the rock pools. Natasha was able to take a great video of them underwater. We have never seen, or heard, of shrimp in the Rocky Mountains! Telephone Lakes were so beautiful from afar. The trail does not take you to the two lakes, but I would still like to visit them some day. It would be worth the exploration to check out the two lakes. Perhaps next year. Lost lake is a deep lake alongside a mountain of scree. There are a lot of Brook Trout (I caught one small one) and the shore is so nice we could walk around barefoot!

Hiking along the trail to Lost Lake.

Fairy Shrimp in a rock pond.

The Perseids Meteor Shower was happing during our trip. We would set the alarm and bundle up under blankets and watched the sky light up. Watching a meteor show at high elevation is amazing! The only light comes from the Milky Way, which is amazing in its self!

On Saturday we set or sights on North Gap Lake. There are many lakes and snow banks along the trail. We stopped at South Gap Lake, and I tried to throw a fly. A storm suddenly came over the ridge, and we took cover under a bush until the rain and hail past. The sky quickly turned dark gray, with thunder and lightening, so we headed back to the campsite right away. As we came upon Lewis Lake the rain and wind became strong, and we continued running all the way back to camp! Next year we will complete our adventure.

Everyone was tired from running all the way back to the campsite, so we decided to go for a drive on FS 332, which took us to Brooklyn Lake Campground. There are a lot of boondocking sites along FS 332–the road is to rough for our trailer. FS 332 meets up with 317, which is a nice gravel road between Brooklyn Lake CG and Hwy 130. Brooklyn Lake CG is an open campground. Once again, all the trees have been cut down, probably because of the Pine Beetle. There are some nice sites that over look the lake. On the way back from the drive, there where three bull Moose, next to Libby Lake, being chased by stupid people.

We had some deer visit the campsite at night.

What a wonderful Adventure we had this trip. We already have a list of things that we would like to do next time we visit the Sugarloaf Campsite! 😀

When: Mid August, 2015
Elevation: 10,700 ft
Reservation: Sugarloaf Campground, WY
Misc: somewhat level, pump water





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