This is our first adventure to the Sugarloaf Recreation Area, in the Snowy Range. On our way in we stopped at the Visitors Center, and picked up maps and info on the area. Highway 130 is closed during the winter, and we were told that it was even closed over the beginning of July! There are 102 lakes in this area, and we were excited to hike around and fly fish. Do note that the Sugarloaf Recreation Area is a fee area, and you will be asked to pay $5/day. We were told that the fee is waved at Libby and Lewis Lake if you have paid for camping.

The campground is no frills, with pump water and vault toilets. The surrounding forest show the effects of the pine beetle, and the campground has had a lot of it’s trees cut down. There is ample supply of firewood, but you need a big saw. During our Sugarloaf adventure the high alpine flowers were in full bloom—we couldn’t have been luckier! Our campsite had an abundance of birds, some that I couldn’t identify. I was thrilled to see a three-toed woodpecker and three bald eagles.

Sugarloaf is nearest to Libby Lake and Lewis Lake. Each of the lakes have well established trails around them. Lewis Lake seems to be the more popular of the two lakes. There are a couple trail heads that begin at Lewis Lake and are popular with backpackers. The views surrounding the two lakes are spectacular! We decided to hike up Medicine Bow Trail to the top of the mountains. The wind was so strong up at the top sometimes we thought we would blow over! There are a lot of lakes to explore along the way, and snow to play on with your pup 🙂

On the first day, Na and Daisy got caught in a short hail storm, and took shelter under the lip of a snowbank by the lake. It also became Daisy’s slide afterwards.

If you are visiting from Colorado and intend to fish, stop in Centennial at the Friendly Store. Here you can purchase your WY fishing license and head down the street for some homemade ice cream at the Country Junction. Yummy!

On the way to the campground we spotted a large boulder, with a lot of columbines. When Natasha went back to photograph the flowers there were two large bull moose! She took lots of pictures and a video with the telephoto lens.

I fished around Libby Lake and eventually used my belly boat and caught some very colorful brook trout. I did not, however, have any luck fishing at Lewis Lake. While I was throwing line, Natasha and Daisy took in all the wildflowers around the area.

There are many pull outs along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway (Highway 130) to explore and enjoy. The Scenic Byway is open Memorial Day through October, weather permitting. We stopped at Hourglass Lake and stretched our legs with a walk. Further up the road we spotted a moose foraging in a pond. This stretch of highway is worth experiencing.

We spent a day at Mirror Lake fishing, playing with Daisy in the water, and having a lunch lakeside. There are a few trailheads that begin at Mirror Lake and you can also find a walking path that takes you down to Lake Marie. We could see HUGE fish swimming around the shore and boulders of Lake Marie. Next trip we will definitely have to use the belly boat in that lake!
Around 10 p.m. we headed out so Natasha could take night sky photos. We stopped at Mirror Lake (at the lake and above the lake), Lake Marie, and the Observation Point at Libby Flats. The stars were so bright that we were overwhelmed. We were able to see meteors streaking through the sky, too! While walking to Lake Marie, we spotted a porcupine along the path. 🙂  Next year we will try and come during the Perseid meteor shower. It will be awesome!!!!
We finally got some great trailcam pictures! Check out the dear at our campsite. 🙂
This was an excellent adventure, and there is so much more that we wanted to do. We can not wait for next year! 😀

More Information:

When: Mid August, 2014
Elevation: 10,700 ft
Reservation: Sugarloaf Campground, WY
Misc: somewhat level, pump water





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