This was our first trip that we planned on meeting another family. Our morning breakfasts where tasty and full of laughs. We spent a lot of time playing around the lake, and fishing. Unlike the year before, this time the fish were not biting. We were only catching 2-3 each day. There was a Bald Eagle that hung around the lake the entire time we were there.

This trip was very rainy. Natasha was able to take an amazing night photo of a storm that was looming over us one evening. The photo was taken at 10:30 p.m., and the light is actually from a lightening strike. We had lots of time for reading, games, and some iPad movies/shows.

Natasha hiked a few trails while I wasted time in the belly boat. The first trail that she walked on was Brush Creek Trail. The trail begins at the campsite and follows the creek thru the pine forest with a few aspens and pine beetle trees. It was very muddy due to all of the rain. After 1/2 mile you reach an old homestead (that you can see from the road) which sits along a creek. Near the homestead is an aspen grove where there are some visible bear markings. This trail goes on all the way to the Visitors Station.

The following day Natasha hiked up Sneve Gulch Trail, located behind the cabins. It was a steep climb in the beginning, with mature aspens all around. At the top of the ridge there is a great view of Sylvan Lake surrounded by beautiful golden aspens and pines. Along the trail she spotted two covey of grouse!


We headed up to Fulford Cave Campground and hiked on Iron Edge Trail.

I placed my float tube on the picnic table to dry in the sun. FYI, if you do this, be sure to deflate your bladders otherwise your seams could split.

The dear finally showed up once the campground cleared out. Check out the nighttime photos with the trail cam.



More Information:


When: Late Summer, 2014
Elevation: 8,500 ft
Reservation: Sylvan Lake State Park, CO
Misc: level, water, dump station





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